• BSSAC 2016 Girls Champions!!

The Christ Church Foundation School is a Government operated Secondary School which caters to students ages 11 – 18. The present roll is approximately 1000 pupils.

Previously there were two separate schools – Boys’ and Girls’ Foundation Schools. In pursuance of Government’s policy to make all schools co-educational, the schools were amalgamated as from September 1978. The new institution was called the Christ Church Foundation School.

Christ Church Foundation School Sports Final 2017

Talma (Purple)838.5First
Skeete (Yellow)700Second
Wellington (Red)690.5Third
Inniss (Blue)686.5Fourth
Lynch (Greene)356Fifth

Christ Church Foundation School Sports Final 2016

Talma (Purple)983 First
Wellington (Red)855 Second
Inniss (Blue)847Third
Skeete (Yellow) 621.50Fourth
Lynch (Greene)556.50Fifth